Ireland/EU Orders Update

As you may be aware, recently a new system of importing has been introduced called IOSS, which due to Brexit, greatly affects my small business. Originally, customers would be responsible for their own import fees and VAT. However, that has now changed. Under these new procedures (for any parcels under 150 euros) customers must pay their import duties and VAT to the seller, who then forwards this to the individual country. Sounds easy enough? Sadly not for small businesses! To do this, the trader must have an intermediary and their own IOSS number and currently these are very very expensive. 

New schemes are in the pipeline with Royal Mail and other organisations which may make this process easier and more cost effective in the future. However this may take a while, as we must wait for website integration, which can be a longwinded process. 
Parcels are already experiencing huge delays in customs due to this, or worse, they are being returned to sender! 

But don't worry! 

In order to work around this, I have joined an online marketplace with Etsy. Etsy is already integrated and responsible for the IOSS number for each parcel. They are equipped to charge each individual country's VAT without it ever coming to me and will mean I can continue to sell to the EU without the huge waits or difficulty with customs. 
Currently, I am still trying to navigate these new rules and see what's best for my small business. I wish I could keep all sales to my online shop but at this time, Etsy is the best (and only) option for me to keep trading with EU customers. This will likely change as new options arise and I will keep everyone updated if any changes do come into place. 

How will Etsy work for bespoke items?

Crystal Chaos is known for its bespoke, colourful and unique creations and for that reason I have made hundreds of different styles. Due to fees, it wouldn't make sense for me to list everything I have made, especially when some of the crystal shapes I stock are more limited than others! Therefore, I will be keeping my readily listed Etsy collections limited. 
Instead, if you would like a bespoke style/dress match or a pair of buckles that are on my website but not on my Etsy, just reach out! We will begin a consultation and decide which colours and shapes compliment your vision. Then, I will direct you to a product on Etsy of the same value. Check this item out then notify me and I will begin creating the style we have agreed on. Please be aware that you must reach out before you place the order and agree on the style, as if we haven't discussed your vision, I will presume the style desired is the one ordered through Etsy and start making the wrong pair. 
If you have any questions, please let me know. Below is the link to my Etsy shop and a form to fill out a bespoke dress match for those living in the EU and wanting something unique! 
All other locations remain unaffected by this change and can order using this online shop as normal.