Bespoke Design Information

Please note, bespoke is not the same as exclusive. Designs can be made to request but if a customer in future desires the same product then I do make the design again. There is not enough colours/possibilities to keep every design exclusive to their original owner especially if the design is very simplistic. This is especially prevalent with Irish Dance Buckles. As exclusivity limits design possibilities and puts restrictions on future business. Please contact me if this is an issue as exclusivity is sometimes an option in terms of branding etc.


The first step of our bespoke crystallising service is the design process. This is where you get to describe everything you desire for your custom piece. You are welcome to come to our offices and meet in person to have this consultation or correspond by email to specify what you would like. Budgets are also discussed at this stage.



This is where we make your ideas into a reality by planning the design and creating sketches of the piece. These sketches will then be confirmed with you via email or any other form of communication before moving on to the next stage. This is also when the amount of crystals required will be determined and payment taken before beginning to glue. 


The third step is creating the piece, using your ideas to create your perfect design! Throughout the entire crystallising process you will receive updates of its progression to ensure you are happy with the finished result. If you desire more crystals than you originally paid for then this is also an opportunity for you to add crystals and modify your design before it is finished!

Each design is unique and therefore different prices depending on the amount of crystals used.

Please make sure to contact us for your no obligation consultation!